About us

Greeting to you in the Blessed Name of Jesus Christ.

I am so happy to introduce you praising songs and Messages from the LORD Jesus Christ.

I was introduced to Lord Jesus Christ on 09-03-1979 by Mr. R. Benedict Minister of Jesus Christ in The Hospital Christians Fellowship Ministry.
I had been taught to grow in Christian faith and walk with Christ every day by Pastor David Arulnathan and Sister Victoria Arulnathan. They taught me Jesus Christ through their practical life.

In the early days of my Salvation in the year of 1979, I received a vision from the Lord Jesus Christ asking me to write-down Songs and articles about Him in the Name of THIRANY. I could not write-down until the year of 2008, but with the great grace and power of Jesus, I released first volume of “Thirany” Songs of Jesus Christ.

I have opened this “Thirany Gospel Ministry”.

Vision of this Ministry

  1. Glorifying God through New Songs.
  2. Listener of these songs will be comforted by Holy Sprit.
  3. Receiving New Messages from the Lord and releasing them time to time. Those who unable to go churches, can read these messages and be comforted and blessed.
  4. New readers of these messages will be saved with the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.